Whole Hope

Our Mission

To Experience God’s Redemptive Hope and Transforming Power In All Areas of Life.

Our work starts and ends with Jesus Christ and the hope that comes from him alone. We are redeemed by God’s grace and have experienced the transformational power of his grace.

Our work is grounded in the Scripture, empowered by the Spirit, reliant on the power of prayer, and done in love.

We believe that God speaks to all areas of life and that we glorify him with our spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

What is Biblical Counseling?

The Bible teaches that our words, thoughts, and actions all flow out of our hearts. Through biblical counseling, we address the heart through the wisdom in God’s Word. The biblical counselor sees the individual as one made in the image of God who is not just a spiritual being but has a physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and relational side. It is the counselor’s job to see the whole person and work through whatever struggles are at hand. Biblical counseling, therefore, is practical.

The goal of biblical counseling is growth in relation to life emotionally, spiritually and physically. The biblical counselor believes that genuine heart change is a result of the Holy Spirit’s work in one’s heart and thus biblical counseling is effective because the Spirit is alive and active.

As biblical counselors, we believe in the importance of the local church and God’s call in our lives to be active to both serve and be served, love and be loved. The process of biblical counseling is, by God’s grace, redemptive.

In short, biblical counseling is grounded on God’s Word, empowered by the Spirit, and reliant upon prayer.

Who We Are

Angel Beeson, M.A

Certifications: R-HYI, RYT, HHC

Associations: IAHC, AADP, BCC

A servant of Jesus Christ, and a native to Tucson, Arizona. I am married to John who serves as Co-Lead Pastor at New Life Bible Fellowship as well as a counselor here at Whole Hope. We have two beautiful teenagers Camille and Soren whom we love to spend time with. Our family is passionate about the church, our community, and the call to love and protect the orphaned.

I received my Masters in Biblical Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary and have over ten years of counseling experience. I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I value being intentional with every individual no matter the setting.

I value the whole person and consider it a gift to trust in the transforming work of the Holy Spirit as I walk alongside others in navigating the heart through all experiences in life. We live in a broken world, with broken systems. My hope in working with you is to work through the struggles at hand and dissect the heart in the process. We have a God that speaks into the trauma, the suffering, the details of everyday and our futures. He knows every tear, every thought. We are not meant to walk this journey alone. We are often blind to the realities of our hearts. It is hard to get messy but it is worth it. Whether you are experiencing deep suffering, confusion on where your life is headed or simply need to reset habits of life, it is my joy to walk with you, wherever you are in your journey. If you are long distance, I am happy to schedule a session with you via a video/phone conference call.

John Beeson, M.Div

I am Angel’s husband and have been a pastor for over ten years. I currently serve as Co-Lead Pastor at New Life Bible Fellowship. I received my Masters of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary and served in full time ministry for 10 years before the Lord brought me and my family back to our home roots in Arizona.

I counsel our male clients and alongside Angel, I enjoy the journey of walking with couples in engagement, pre-marital, and marriage counseling.

One of my great joys in counseling is getting a front row seat watching the powerful and transformative grace of God at work in your life. Our God is huge but our God doesn’t miss even the smallest thing. He knows your darkest secret, your shame, and he knows your unique gifting and powerful purpose more deeply than you could possibly imagine. It is my honor to walk with you and trust God with your heart and where he is taking you.

Kim Parrish

Intern Counselor

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. Those years have brought many blessings including four children through birth and adoption, and many years of struggle and growth. God has used every blessing and struggle to make us who we are today. My family is a treasured gift to me.

Experiencing God’s transforming work in my own life drew me to serve as a Children and Family Ministry Director. I was honored to serve in this capacity for 8 years. I have been honored to walk with others through their seasons of blessings, challenges, and God’s transforming work. I have appreciated the front row seat it has given me to watch God heal and restore marriages, families, and individuals. God used biblical counseling to help deal with the root issues in my heart and mind as I have navigated my own life and marriage struggles. I am excited to enter into full-time counseling and continue to watch God work mightily in the lives of those I am honored to sit with.

I hold a degree in Elementary Education from Auburn University, and I am currently working towards my Biblical Counseling Certification through CCEF, as well as my Masters of Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Seminary.

Board of Directors

Whole Hope Christian Counseling is administered by the owner of the practice with the support and oversight of a Board of Directors. Each of the board members believes and supports Whole Hope’s mission to restore hope and relationships through a Christ-centered professional counseling ministry. The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining the mission and integrity of Whole Hope Christian Counseling.

Curt Richmond

Curt has served in the local church and worked on Wall Street since college graduation. At work, Curt’s primary focus has been new business development, startups and turnarounds. Curt has been married for 33 years and has one daughter and two grandchildren. Curt currently serves on the board of a local church in Princeton, New Jersey.

Dezra Richmond

Dezra has served faithfully in the local church, on an as needed basis, as a lay counselor and member of the Care Team. Dezra has been married for 33 years and has one daughter and two grandchildren. Dezra earned a Bachelor of Science degree and has studied cross cultural communication. Dezra is a gifted mentor, counselor and friend.

Zach Imboden

Zach has been married to Anne since 2007, and they have a daughter and son, Providence Joy (PJ) and Justice Grant. Zach has served on church staff through the years as a connections pastor in CA, AZ and is currently residing in MI. Zach received his B.S. from William Jessup University and Masters of Christian Leadership from Liberty Theological Seminary. His family loves watching college football and spending time together.

John Beeson

John has been married to Angel Beeson since 2001, and has been a pastor for over ten years. He currently serves as a Co-Lead Pastor at New Life Bible Fellowship. John also blogs about Christianity and culture at thebeehive.live. John, along with Angel, love Jesus Christ and want to live lives that act as a megaphone for their sovereign Savior, responding to God’s call and then calling others to repentance, salvation, and transformed lives through the explosive grace of our triune God. They have two teenage kids, Camille and Soren, who they love spending time with.

Kim Parrish

Kim Parrish has been married to Ben since 1994. They have found great joy in the journey of raising their four children. Ben and Kim humbly desire to be used by God as He heals marriages, just as He did for them. Kim is currently pursuing a masters in biblical counseling. She has an extensive background serving in Children’s Ministry with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Auburn University.