Trading Faces

Have You Forgotten Who You Really Are?


Trading Faces is an important book for our cultural moment. John writes as an experienced pastor, and Angel as a wise counselor. Together, they expose false identities, leading readers to Christ and the revolutionary new life he offers. John and Angel’s work is biblical, honest, vulnerable, and worshipful. I believe it will help many find freedom and joy in Christ.

 – Kevin P. Halloran, author of When Prayer Is a Struggle

Whether through vocation, family, marriage, political party, gender, economic status, or even what grocery store we frequent, we lean toward these identity substitutes, beginning from childhood. As a counselor and pastor, John and Angel walk with people who wear masks and are engaged in identity battles every day. In Trading Faces, they bring personal experiences and life stories, so readers will know they are not alone.

“To answer the question “Who am I?” is to set the true north of your life. Who you are in Christ is unchangeable and nonnegotiable. Understanding that your true identities are in Christ allows you to step into being who you were made to be and living how you were designed to live.” says the Beesons.

In Trading Faces, the Beesons deep dive into ten identities that masquerade as truth, and give readers help and hope that they exchange those false labels for true identities.  From shame to good works to individuality to careers, they leave no identity stone unturned in the life of the reader. Each of the chapters end in a heart-felt prayer. Trading Faces also includes other helpful resources, like a Now What? section helping readers know what to do next, and an appendix, Our Biblical Identities, that breaks down who we are collectively, and what we are called to as believers.  Perfect for individual or small group study, Trading Faces is a life-changing and  life-giving resource  for the times we are in, when knowing who we are is more important than ever.


Angel has been the best counselor I’ve had the privilege of seeing and I’ve been through many. She words things in a way that always makes sense, and gives me the best outcome when put into practice. Her advice is backed by the Word of God which is a rare treat in the mental health world. Grateful for her wisdom in my life beyond words.


John and Angel have reached into our individual lives and marriage in deep God anointed ways that reflect the depth of their own wisdom and experience in couples counseling.


Kim is incredibly gifted at listening and helping you to dig more into your own story to find God. I have recommended her to many friends and every one of us has been so grateful for the ways she’s enriched our lives.


Whole Hope Counseling has done just that for me; given me hope with truth and biblical guidance and has helped redirect me to become whole in the Lord. Angel’s gift of asking deep and thought provoking questions really gets to the heart of the matter often times leaving you with your own gift of that A-HA moment, thank you Jesus! Whether you meet individually or as a couple, your time will be blessed. Your spirit will find renewal through tears and laughter. Because of Whole Hope Counseling, a tough season of my life has been more manageable. Thank you for kindness, gentleness, humor, tissue and prayer.

Angel and John are AMAZING! My husband and I divorced as a result of adultery. After coming back together, we were referred to Angel and John, and I will be forever grateful that we were. They took us deeper than our other counselor had in our entire 9 years of marriage, and helped us uncover things we never realized, in a matter of minutes during our first appointment. God has truly blessed this couple with an amazing gift. Their wisdom is exceptional, their transparency is admirable, and their love for Jesus and others is inspirational. We are forever changed as a result of this beautiful counseling couple. We had the honor and privilege of having John remarry us! The ceremony he performed for us was as loving and intentional as they are as counselors!
-HJ & TJ

I had always been skeptical about counseling and the impact it could have on my life, but after meeting with Angel for the first time I knew that it was the right decision. It was like a weight had been lifted and I could finally take a deep breath. Angel was kind, honest, compassionate, and offered biblically based wisdom and support. I am so grateful for Whole Hope Counseling and would whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone who is struggling or just needs some support.


Kim has been a great marriage counselor, her faith in Christ and godly wisdom have brought healing and many blessings into our marriage.

-M & G

John, with his compassion and wisdom, brings both light and transformation to those he counsels one on one. When paired with his wife Angel, their exceptional skills harmonize to provide truly remarkable faith-based marriage counseling that mends and strengthens relationships.

I am constantly thankful for Angel’s remarkable gift of listening generously and being able to ask deep, probing questions that get to the heart of the issue. She is able to convey love and gentleness, and it is clear that her deepest desire for her clients and friends is for healing, spiritual growth, and above all, an abundant relationship with Jesus Christ our Healer.